About Us

AUTOGLYM strives to produce only the best quality products, so that you can achieve a stunning result on the interior and exterior of your vehicle. When they develop their products they constantly bear in mind the passion you have for your car, motorcycle, boat or plane.

AUTOGLYM was born in England in 1965, it quickly gained a loyal following and they now produce over 100 products, which are distributed all over the world. They’re extremely proud that their products are used by royal households on their remarkable fleet of classic cars.

AUTOGLYM work with some of the leading car manufacturers and racing teams from around the world. This is not only an endorsement of their products, but it gives them an edge in keeping an eye on new materials emerging in the vehicle market, so that they can tailor their products accordingly.

When you use AUTOGLYM you can rest easy knowing that you’re using environmentally responsible car care products, they make sure they’re not only doing the best for your vehicle but for the planet also.